Delicious, nutritious, easy to enjoy food that harnesses the goodness of Zimbabwe's finest ingredients

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At Hutano Foods, we make delicious, healthy, easy to enjoy snacks, breakfast cereals and porridges that harness the nutritional power of local Zimbabwean ingredients: millet, sorghum, nyimo bean, marula and mongongo nuts, baobab fruit and more.

We source direct from over 300 small scale farmers and wild harvesters across the country, increasing the value of the traditional foods they produce while we share the delectable fruits of their labor with a whole new generation of Zimbabwean consumers.


Breakfast Cereals

Start you day off right with our healthy, delicious, nutrient-packed and gluten-free cereals and mueslis!


Awesome Amaranth Squares

Perfect for grab and go snacking, our amaranth squares are super satisfying and packed with protein but still low in sugar and gluten-free!


Gourmet Biscuits

Everyone needs a little treat now and then, right? Go on, have a cookie - packed with delicious, locally harvested marula and mongongo nuts!


Mighty Meal Instant Porridge

Quick, nutritious, and delicious, Mighty Meal instant porridge gives you everything you need to power through your day!

Grab and go cereals!

Nutrient-packed and delicious